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Are you a soon-to-be bride looking to complete your trousseau? Well, sit back and relax because we have got you covered!  From Your Shagan to your reception, we’ll share with you the best handloom drapes to make your bid day special.

 In most parts of India, it’s customary to wear a handloom saree for weddings irrespective of religion or race.  The grace and elegance of an Indian saree, on the other hand, are unrivalled. It's no surprise that generations of women, including our mothers, chose the classic nine yards for their wedding days. 

 There are countless designs and concepts for your unique saree wardrobe, which must be exceptional. Many brides find it difficult to choose their wedding wear saree. Of course, the best saree is the best, but the bride's other sarees are equally significant. Designer sarees that add charm and glamour to a look are not limited to the designer label; you may find them in a variety of styles. 

Remember that a bride's wardrobe should include at least 15 gorgeous and diverse sarees to wear at wedding functions and afterwards. Whatever draping style you choose, a bridal silk saree is an elegant garment that communicates formally sophisticated, vintage classic, and even artistic comfort. Saree connoisseurs understand that there is a weave, a colour, and a style for every celebratory occasion. Silk, in particular, is a metallic natural protein fibre that absorbs colours well and blends well with other textiles such as cotton and metallic yarn.

Not everything will pique your interest. And, if you're pressed for time and ordering your bridal silks online, it's critical to know exactly what you want. Make a list of a few items to remember -

Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, Blend, Moga, Pattu, Kasavu, Chanderi are all types of silk.

  • Colour — Choose two to three colours that complement your skin tone.
  • Embellishments that compliment your jewellery. Saree Border makes a huge difference in how you look, so choose wisely. Know which type of saree blouse flatters you, especially if you're getting a readymade item.
  • Budget for Trousseau - Bridal silk sarees are expensive. Set your budget and step ahead.



Did you locate bridal silk that fitted your vision of the ideal wedding saree? Great! Take a closer look to see if it's an original or a copy. How? Check to see whether you've received any damaged piece or take it to your mum or grandma. Check the marketplace's policies on selling items, as well as how quickly they respond if a fraud instance is detected.

Vendors frequently carry the same products on several marketplaces and charge customers differently for them. As a result, you might enjoy the soft glowing hues of your favourite silk at a cheaper cost than the one displayed on your computer screen. You can do a manual search or use a price comparison tool to compare the same products across numerous websites. This is also a good time to look for internet discounts or other special offers.

Now that you've learned a little more about buying bridal silk sarees online for your wedding, you're ready to go. So, pull out your credit cards and get ready to go buying.



Silk sarees are simple to purchase and style for your wedding festivities. The true problem arises when it comes to properly caring for and storing them. Bridal silk sarees are expensive and used exclusively on special occasions, thus they must be stored separately on shelves and in cupboards to avoid wrinkles.


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